Wednesday, June 25, 2008

OvaSure™ Ovarian Cancer Detection Test

Beginning on June 24th, OvaSure™ a test to detect Ovarian Cancer will be available from LabCorp. The test is meant for women at high risk and those at risk for recurrence. The cost of the test is approximately $225 and results will be available within four business days. The test is 99.4 percent accurate for positives (sensitivity) and 95.3 percent accurate for negatives (specificity). The test is not FDA approved. This test is the one developed by Yale.

From the LabCorp site,(click on "O" to find the reference to the test) the test includes

Leptin, prolactin, osteopontin, insulin-like growth factor II, macrophage inhibitory factor, CA-125, and a calculated risk index.

This is good news for at risk women and survivors alike.



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