Saturday, February 23, 2008

Talc and Ovarian Cancer

"Perineal talc and ovarian cancer : a clinical review"

This article was written by Penn State College of Medicine professors. Over the past 25 years a number of studies were done to see if there was a link between talc, a silicate compound, and Ovarian Cancer. (I can remember when I was young putting lots of talc on a big soft pink powder puff and using it after a nice warm bath.) Anyway, a review of all the studies concluded "Talc is not genotoxic." and "These data collectively do not indicate that cosmetic talc causes ovarian cancer".
Since asbestos another silicate compound is connected to other types of cancer it was thought that use of talc in the 1950's could cause OC.
(European Journal of Cancer Prevention)

So one more thing we can cross of the list list as contributing to OC.

Thanks to the ACOR listserv for info on this study.

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