Sunday, January 1, 2017

Welcome 2017!

Getting to start a New Year is a real blessing!

If you've read my first posts of the year going back a few years you see that I aspire to things. Some aspirations stay the same from year to year.

I aspire to continue to support other women who are diagnosed with ovarian cancer, to share my story as an ovarian cancer survivor and to promote ovarian cancer research. Some of how I do that might have to change this year because...

I aspire to spend more time with my daughter and her family and my son and his wife. In the Spring my daughter and her family will be living within 4 hours - the closest she has been since she got married nine years ago. I just can't miss the opportunity to spend time with them.

I aspire to build an even better bond with my dog Amber so we can compete at the masters level in agility.

I aspire to travel with my husband and visit at least 2 states I have not visited before. Maine is one of the two. Yes, this was on my 2016 list too. I am not sure what the other state will be.

I aspire to learn a new arts and craft technique. I love to paint so I hope to do that but I'd like to try something new too. That way I can make some more gifts for Christmas next year. 

I aspire to find a way to give back in my community or church.

I wish everyone good health , peace and joy in 2017!

Every Day is a Blessing!

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