Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Elixir Fund Registry- A Patient / Caregivers Wish List

Just about four years ago at a Mercer County Cancer Coalition (now called the Hunterdon/Mercer Chronic Disease Coalitio) meeting I meeting  Meg McQuarrie from the Elixir Fund.

The Elixir Fund "provides comfort and support to cancer patients and their caregivers. "Their goal is to reduce the stress of treatment and provide support to patients and their caregivers so they can take a break from cancer. They get their inspiration from the cancer journey of Meg's brother, Kevin.

Yesterday, Meg and I met to discuss the latest project of the Fund- the Elixir Fund Registry. This project, similar to a bridal registry, is a way for family and friends to provide support ( emotional and physical) to their loved ones who are in treatment as well as their caregivers. Patients and caregivers can make a wish list for things they would love to have or things they would like to do to make their treatment time easier. The items on the list are varied from a  massage, to meals delivered to a patients home, help with putting on makeup, transportation to appointments, yoga classes or it can be a custom wish. Many local businesses have agreed to help with providing the services. The registry will be online and initially will  involve cancer patients/ caregivers who reside in NJ.

The Elixir Fund Registry is ready to be tested and the Fund is looking for people who have experience as a cancer patient, caregiver or health care provider ( such as a nurse or social worker) to test out the site and provide feedback to the Fund so they can insure that the program meets the needs of cancer patients and caregivers. I am so happy to see a patients centered approach to designing the program. Program testing is supported by Eli Lilly.

Meg allowed me to do a test run of the Registry and it is easy to set up and use.

Please contact Meg by calling 800-494-9228 or e-mailing her at  meg@elixirfund.org

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