Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Putting It Away

When I was first diagnosis with ovarian cancer in 2005 my cancer center gave me a binder with sections set aside for reports, treatment information, test results and insurance. The initial binder was 1 inch wide. Before finishing treatment, I had to buy a larger 2 1/2" binder to hold all the papers I was collecting. I took it with me to every gyn-onc appointment, treatment appointments, port flushes, PCP visits, CT scans, PET scans and hospital stays. In between the times it was out and about with me, it would sit next to the dresser in our bedroom. When I finished treatment I took out a majority of the papers that related to treatment and put those in a manila folder in my file cabinet.

When I recurred in 2008 I added pocket pages to the binder to hold the CD's that I asked for every time I had at CT scan and to hold the graph print out of my CA-125 results . Did I ever tell you that I keep track of my CA-125 results on a Excel spreadsheet? Well I do and I even create line graphs so that I can see the slope of the line created by my results. Nerdy? I know but I find it comforting to watch the line level off. And once again the binder went everywhere with me.  Halfway through treatment I had to buy a new binder when the cover broke off. When I visited my son, I bought a maroon Virginia Tech binder. I also found a pretty way of transporting that binder back and forth to all my visits, inside a Vera Bradley Tote. After finishing chemo I once again  removed the treatment papers and put them in another manila folder in my file cabinet.

When we moved to our new home the tote came with me and took its place next to the dresser in our new bedroom. I continued to bring the binder and tote to each and every follow-up visit.

Today, almost 5 years since finishing treatment for my recurrence I took that trusty binder and tote and put it in the closet. I won't need it until August.

Every Day is a Blessing!

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