Wednesday, August 17, 2011

No Berry Smoothie Flavored Readi-CAT for Me

Yesterday I stopped by the radiology group where I get my CT scans done. I was there to pick up my drinks for next month's CT scan. These drinks are Barium sulfate suspensions . It coats the inside of your esophagus, stomach and intestines to allow those organs to be seen more clearly in a CT scan.

I take the ReadiCAT- 2 suspension product by EZEm products. The past two times I had a CT scan I was lucky to have the Berry Smoothie flavored product. The flavoring made the thick , not so delicious ( and that is being charitable) drink a bit more palatable. So yesterday I asked the technician if I could have the Berry Smoothie flavored. He said he was sorry but Medicare and the insurance companies are not reimbursing for the flavored version of the product any longer. They will only reimburse for the no-flavored version. Why ? The flavored version costs more. So in trying to hold costs down for the patient my radiology group is only ordering the non-flavored version. They suggested I add Crystal Light to the solution to make it taste better.

I tried researching the cost of the products online but did not see any costs listed. I wonder what the cost difference is?

I guess I will go out and get some Crystal light. I will miss my Berry Smoothie.

Every Day is a Blessing!


Anonymous said...

Dee - Ask for the drink you take 1 hour prior to scan. It either taste like Ice Tea or Lemonaid!

Dee said...

Some locations use readi-cat , some use EZ-cat but they don't seem to use your version of Barium contrast. I have to ask the next time I go in.

Servivorgirl said...

They think of the strangest ways to cut costs......The CEO should cut his salary first....ha ha. Anyway, you know I also get a water and contrast mix, can't remember the name though. It's just water with contrast flavor, just tastes like old water. Waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than the goop. Blessings to you sister. Denise

Anonymous said...

The clear liquid is known as gastroview or gastrographin for some exams this cannot be used and barium is the only choice.