Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Glad Press 'n Seal

Do you use Glad Press n' Seal in the kitchen? I do and I am very impressed. But there is more.

A few days ago I was reading through some posts on the OCNA Support Community (Inspire) regarding the use of lidocaine ( Emla) cream on ports before they are accessed. One women wrote how she uses Glad Press 'n Seal to cover the cream - instead of a band-aid or gauze and paper tape. So I figured what the heck I would try it.

Today was my port flush day at CINJ. My port was inserted back in 2005 when I first had intravenous chemo. Accessing my veins in my arms is very difficult so it was decided that I have a Port-A-Cath® inserted in my chest. The photo above shows an example of different ports ( I have to get my double port flushed every 6-8 weeks so it can function correctly and the lines don't get blocked.) So this morning Nick applied lidocaine cream to the skin that covers my port and then we placed a piece of Glad Press 'n Seal on top. And it stuck . And stayed in place without causing any pinkness - like the band aids sometimes do. My body doesn't really like the adhesive they have on bandages.

So there you go - another good reason to buy Glad Press 'n Seal!

Every day is a blessing.


l'optimiste said...

brilliant! my body hates those sticky plasters and comes up in a rash - thanks for the tip! Not sure we get that exact type of stuff here, but for sure there's something similiar :o)

Anonymous said...

I used Glad Press n Seal when my port was accessed and I needed to take a shower. Press n Seal kept the area dry.