Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Little Apple

When I started chemo back in January I knew there would be a lot of things I would miss during treatment. One of those things was my daughter and son-in-law's move to Kansas from Oklahoma, where Andy was stationed. I had wanted to help them move into their new home in early April but understood that being in treatment would make that difficult. So instead I set a goal to visit them as soon as I finished chemo.

Last Wednesday, we began the 1300 mile , 2 day drive to the Little Apple- Manhattan Kansas. We started out from just outside the Big Apple and drove through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri into Kansas until we reached Manhattan- which is known as the Little Apple. I really like road trips- it is a great way to see this beautiful country. I never knew there were tunnels through the mountains in western PA, that Illinois was so flat or that the wind never stops in Kansas.

We are enjoying our visit and love Andy and Terry's new home. From here in the Flint Hills of Kansas, we visited the Sunset Zoo, Fort Riley , the Oz Museum in Womego, and the Rose Garden in Topeka.The weather has been warm and mostly sunny since we arrived. No tornados have been sighted but we did meet KSU Wildcats ! (Yes, the same Wildcats that Rutgers beat in the Texas Bowl in 2006.)

Being done with chemo and making this trip - priceless!


Every Day is a blessing! And I've been truly blessed.


Cheryl Freedman said...

Hi Dee:
I was intrigued by your story. I am a 6 yr Ovarian CA survivor in Atlanta. I too developed an allergic reaction to carbo about a month ago (not unusual I'm told, but because I've done so well on taxol and carbo together (most effective) I went through a rapid desensitization of carbo with an allergist/immunologist so they could give me the carbo. If you have a recurrence and they want to give you taxol/carbo combination again, this is important info for you to know. A few select allergists/immunologists are equipped to do the rapid desensitization, but it is crucial for optimal treatment and success. Most gyn oncologists are not aware that this procedure is available for qualified patients.
Email me at cfreedman@tylerandco.com if you want to discuss further. God bless!

Theresa said...

Well, Silvio and I were very happy to have you and Dad out here. We hope that you can make many more trips out to see us in the future. I hear those flights from Newark to Kansas City are non-stop and pretty decent prices!